‘Equinox’ – my top tunes of the summer

With the cold weather coming in, I thought i would put a mix together of my favourite tunes of the summer. It’s a banging winter warmer, full of beautiful melodic progressive house, and is the peak time follow up to my recent warm up mix – ‘Solstice’.


01. ‘Love in F Minor (Intro mix)’ – Vince Watson
02. ‘Cross dissolve’ – Future Beat Alliance
03. ‘E40 blues’ – Mugwump
04. ‘Ringer’ – Chris Aidy & Jon Kong
05. ‘Beuno (Blue Room Project mix)’ – Medway & Dansor
06. ‘Homecoming (Sasha & Dimitri Nakov remix)’ – Barry Jamieson & Charlie May
07. ‘Loco (Vince Watson remix)’ – Dirty Doering
08. ‘Technomancer (Manuel de la Mare dub) – John Monkman
09. ‘Gran Canaria (Yamil Colucci remix) – Daniel Mehes
10.  ‘Italoca’ – Funk D’void
11. ‘Elevate (Matt Smallwood remix)’ – Jon Kong
12. ‘The Taxi driver (Jaytech remix) – Andrew Bayer
13. ‘Tenori (Vince Watson remix)’ – Francois Dubois

Go to the mixes section to download


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