“The Reckoning” – May 11 mix

Melodic prog mix, with some of my favourite tunes of the last few months…

1. ‘Lunar (Randall Jones Teardrops remix)’ – Deep Mariano
2. ‘Deep in Tokyo (Randall Jones remix) – Evren Ulusoy
3. ‘Abremes Dream (Ryan Luciano remix)’ – The Hat & Kita
4. ‘Forced Angel’ – Applescal
5. ‘Polaroid’ – Julian Jeweil
6. ‘Southfest (Daneel remix)’ – Yamil Colucci
7. ‘Rain’ – Omid 16b
8. ‘Twinkle me (Eduardo Moses & Parlange remix)’ – Chris Fortier
9. ‘Atom’ – Vince Watson
10. ‘Descent to Endor’ – Ian O’Donovan
11. ‘Reckover (Henry Saiz remix)’ – Radiohead


Download the file here


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