“Something old, something new” – Live from Carters reception, July 15th 2011

A full-on old school mix with a dash of new remixes of classics thrown in. I had consumed a few shandies by this point, so mixing is as you would expect… but lots of great memories from an awesome night. Enjoy…

Right click here to download…


1. ‘Passion’ – gat decor
2. ‘Gettin out’ – sld
3. ‘Shine on’ – degrees of motion
4. ‘Everybody (all over the world)’ – fpi project
5. ‘Don’t you wanna be mine’ – denise lopez
6. ‘Is there anybody out there’ – bassheads
7. ‘Rhythm is a mystery’ – k klass
8. ‘I know’ – new atlantic
9. ‘Groove me (rory phillips remix)’ – maximum balloon
10. ‘Rollin in the deep (fathers of sound remix)’ – adele
11. ‘Crystalised (rory phillips remix)’ – the xx
12. ‘Out of my mind (the swiss dance remix)’ – tyson
13. ‘I feel love (danny howells remix) – donna summer
14. ‘Its no good (soulfire remix) – depeche mode
15. ‘Brain damage’ – 12th street
16. ‘Sounds of eden’ – shades of rhythm
17. ‘You’re the best thing’ – D:ream
18. ‘Just the way you are (Pat Farrell remix)’ – Bruno Mars
19. ‘Dreams (Deep dish remix)’ – Stevie Nicks
20. ‘Espirial’ – dunne



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