“Stardrive” – my new deep progressive mix…

Hugely inspired by the film “Drive” and the bedrock future classic “Stars & Shines”, this is a mix dedicated to both – thank you for the music.

“Stardrive” mixed by John-Paul Sykes, March 2012
Right click / ctrl click here to download…

1. “Bride of deluxe” – Cliff Martinez
2. “Dark city” – Ryan Luciano (feat. Kiefer Sutherland)
3. “Florence (Marco Vasami dub)” – Dousk
4. “Not of this reality (Henry Saiz Psifonic Invocation mix)” – Borealis
5. “Selfloss (Deepfunks unofficial mix)” – GusGus
6. “Fostercare (Marcelo Vasami unofficial mix)” – Burial
7. “Bionic rockers (Marcelo Vasami remix)” – Code 0320
8. “Azimuth (Silinder remix)” – Guy J
9. “Heaven (Re-work)” – Denis A
10. “Vordenbacht” – Richie G
11. “Eyjafjallajokul” – Ryan Luciano
12. “Madre Noche (Audio & Watson bootleg)” – Henry Saiz
13. “A bang in the void (Silinder remix)” – Apparat
14. “Stars and shines” – Marco Bailey & Tom Hades


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