“Fascinating rhythms” – progressive house classics mix

It’s been 20 years this month since I first heard Sasha dj – it changed my musical life. This is my retrospective of progressive house, the highs, the lows, the even highers. enjoy… right click / ctrl click download the mix here.

“Fascinating rhythms” mixed by J.P Sykes

1. “Little Bullet (Dum dum mix)” – Spooky
2. “Little Bullet (Part 1)” – Spooky
3. “Little Bullet (High velocity mix)” – Spooky
4. “Talk to me (sasha’s full music master remix)” – Hysterix
5. “Are you satisfied? (The tao of def remix)” – The Daou
6. “Higher ground” – Sasha
7. “I’m free (Leftfield dub)” – Morgan King
8. “Groovy beat” – D.O.P
9. “High & dry” – Havanna
10. “Eterna” – Slam
11. “Want me, love me (F.O.S love guitar mix)” – Justine
12. “Direct me (Sasha’s 3am drop mix)” – The Reese Project
13. “Tranceillusion” – VFR
14. “Love stimulation” – Humate


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