“Taunting the devil” – 80’s precious metal mix

The second part of my infamous 30th birthday mix – this time wandering into the dangerous territory of “precious metal”. Get your saxophones and leather trousers ready…

“Taunting the devil”

Click here to play, or right click / Ctrl click, ‘save file as’ to download .



01 Crowd noise sample [from Jerry Maguire]
02 ‘Lets get ready to rumble’ sample  [from Rocky 3]
03 ‘Introduction to Stankonia’ – Outkast
04 ‘Training montage’ – Vince DiCola  [from Rocky 4]
05 ‘Mickey loves you’ sample  [from Rocky 1]
06 ‘I’m always here (Baywatch theme)’ – Jimi Jameson
07 ‘I still believe’ – Tim Capello [from The Lost Boys]
08 ‘The moment of truth’ – Survivor [from The Karate Kid]
09 ‘Desperate dreams’ – Survivor
10 ‘We built this city’ – Starship
11 ‘Wild again’ – Starship [from Cocktail]
12 ‘Waiting for a star to fall’ – Boy meets girl [from Three men and a little lady]
13 ‘The promise’ – When in rome  [from Napoleon Dynamite]
14 ‘In the end’ – Linkin Park
15 ‘F.E.A.R (Unkle remix)’ – Ian Brown
16 ‘Crystal (Lee Coombs remix)’ – New Order
17 ‘Dunne’ – Espirial


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