Van Flash

This is the section where put all my “alternative” mixes… after party sets, weddings bar mitzvahs, etc. Cheese, 80’s classics, whatever floats your boat.


“The Dirty Den Sessions” – Mixed by JAS – Circa 1999

Just found this mix from the archives, who knows when this is from… all it said on the tape cover was “Dirty Den sessions, mixed by J.A.S” (Me, Gav and Rob). It must be from some mental after hours session… enjoy the mindloss.

Click to listen or right click to download here.
1. ‘Cars (12″ mix)’ – gary numan
2. ‘Lost in the shadows’ – lou gramm
3. ‘Doctor, doctor’ – thompson twins
4. ‘View to a kill’ – duran duran
5. ‘First time’ – robin beck
6. ‘Heaven is a place on earth’ – belinda carlisle
7. ‘We close our eyes’ – go west
8. ‘Waiting for a star to fall’ – boy meets girl
9. ‘Sweet dreams’ – eurythmics
10. ‘Keep me hanging on’ – kim wilde
11. ‘Big love (12″ mix)’ – fleetwood mac
12. ‘Just can’t get enough’ – depeche mode
13. ‘Crocketts theme’ – jan hammer
14. ‘Don’t leave me this way’ – the communards
15. ‘Everybody wants to rule the world’ – tears for fears
16. ‘Crazy for you’ – madonna
17. ‘Orinoco flow’ – enya
18. ‘Don’t you want me’ – human league
19. ‘Frankie’ – sister sledge
20. ‘Funky town’ – pseudo echo
21. ‘You spin me right round’ – dead or alive
22. ‘Street tuff’ – technotronic feat. Rebel mc


“Pastel days & Neon nights”
– A celebration of 80’s movie soundtracks (2010)

A special mix I put together last night, celebrating the amazing music of 80’s movie soundtracks, from footloose to caddyshack and everything else in between… and remember, – “Life moves pretty fast. if you don’t stop and look round once in a while, you could miss it”…
01‘Make the move / I’m alright (van flash edit)’Kenny Loggins[from Caddyshack]
02 ‘I’m Free (heaven helps the man)’ – Kenny Loggins (from Footloose)
03 ‘Playing with the boys (dance mix)’ – Kenny Loggins (from Top Gun)
04 ‘Feeling so good today’ – Beau Williams (from Kickboxer)
05 ‘Dancing in the sheets (extended version)’ – Shalamar (from Footloose)
06 ‘Dance hall days (remix)’ – Wang Chung (from Bachelor Party)
07 ‘Weird Science (original full length mix)’ – Oingo Boingo (From Weird Science)
08 ‘Love Missile F1-11’ – Sigue Sigue Sputnik (from Ferris Bueller’s day off)
09 ‘Top Gun theme’ – Joe Santrini (from Top Gun)
10 ‘Training montage’ – Vince Dicola (from Rocky IV)
right click / ctrl to download here.


“Something old, something new” – Live from Carters reception (July 2011)

A full-on old school mix with a dash of new remixes of classics thrown in. I had consumed a few shandies by this point, so mixing is as you would expect… but lots of great memories from an awesome night. Enjoy…
Right click here to download…

1. ‘Passion’ – gat decor
2. ‘Gettin out’ – sld
3. ‘Shine on’ – degrees of motion
4. ‘Everybody (all over the world)’ – fpi project
5. ‘Don’t you wanna be mine’ – denise lopez
6. ‘Is there anybody out there’ – bassheads
7. ‘Rhythm is a mystery’ – k klass
8. ‘I know’ – new atlantic
9. ‘Groove me (rory phillips remix)’ – maximum balloon
10. ‘Rollin in the deep (fathers of sound remix)’ – adele
11. ‘Crystalised (rory phillips remix)’ – the xx
12. ‘Out of my mind (the swiss dance remix)’ – tyson
13. ‘I feel love (danny howells remix) – donna summer
14. ‘Its no good (soulfire remix) – depeche mode
15. ‘Brain damage’ – 12th street
16. ‘Sounds of eden’ – shades of rhythm
17. ‘You’re the best thing’ – D:ream
18. ‘Just the way you are (Pat Farrell remix)’ – Bruno Mars
19. ‘Dreams (Deep dish remix)’ – Stevie Nicks
20. ‘Espirial’ – dunne


Loving the Angel (2007)

Part 1 of my 30th birthday mix – tracks and samples all taken from my favourite films…
Its pretty mental and eclectic, but still gives me goosebumps.

download the mix

01 ‘The Voice of Enigma’ – Enigma
02 ‘In the air tonight (Van Flash dub) – Phil Collins
03 ‘Forever Young’ – Alphaville [from Napoleon Dynamite]
04 ‘Theme from Eastenders & Howards Way’ – The Shadows
05 ‘Please, Please, Please’ – The Dream Academy [from Ferris Buellers Day Off]
06 ‘Toy Soldiers’ – Martika
07 ‘Cry little sister’ – Sisters of Mercy [from The Lost Boys]
08 ‘Stay’ – Shakespeare’s Sister
09 ‘Big in Japan (Culture mix)’ – Alphaville
10 ‘Sounds like a melody’ – Alphaville
11 ‘Baker Street’ – NY City Beats
12 ‘Ocean Drive (Tigas white linen mix)’ – FPU
13 ‘Crocketts theme’ – FPU
14 Various samples [from Caddyshack]
15 ‘Pack Jam’ – Freestyle project
16 ‘We’re just the guys to do it’ sample [from National Lampoons Animal House]
17 ‘Jesters dead’ sample [from Top Gun]
18 ‘This poem sucks’ sample [from So I married an axe murder]
19 ‘Unforgiven’ – Alanis Morrisette
20 ‘Saeglopur’ – Sigur Ros  [from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou]
21 ‘End speech’ sample [from American Beauty]
22 ‘Teen angst (Van flash edit) – M83


The second part of my infamous 30th birthday mix – this time wandering into the dangerous territory of “precious metal”. Get your saxophones and leather trousers ready…

“Taunting the devil”

Click here to play, or right click / Ctrl click, ‘save file as’ to download .



01 Crowd noise sample [from Jerry Maguire]
02 ‘Lets get ready to rumble’ sample  [from Rocky 3] 
03 ‘Introduction to Stankonia’ – Outkast
04 ‘Training montage’ – Vince DiCola  [from Rocky 4]
05 ‘Mickey loves you’ sample  [from Rocky 1]
06 ‘I’m always here (Baywatch theme)’ – Jimi Jameson
07 ‘I still believe’ – Tim Capello [from The Lost Boys]
08 ‘The moment of truth’ – Survivor [from The Karate Kid]
09 ‘Desperate dreams’ – Survivor
10 ‘We built this city’ – Starship
11 ‘Wild again’ – Starship [from Cocktail]
12 ‘Waiting for a star to fall’ – Boy meets girl [from Three men and a little lady]
13 ‘The promise’ – When in rome  [from Napoleon Dynamite]
14 ‘In the end’ – Linkin Park
15 ‘F.E.A.R (Unkle remix)’ – Ian Brown
16 ‘Crystal (Lee Coombs remix)’ – New Order
17 ‘Dunne’ – Espirial


Karen’s 40th Birthday Set, 22/9/12.
Live @ The Barn, Beaumont House, Essex.
Mixed by John-Paul Sykes.

Awesome gig last weekend… I was kindly asked to DJ at a friend’s 40th birthday, and it was a top night. Played for over 4 hours, but could have done another 4 it was so much fun…

Great crowd, amazing venue. Basically it was in a barn, which you had to walk through a farmers field in the dark to get to – felt like a proper old-school illegal rave! There were lazers, smoke machine, UV lights, fireworks, the whole shebang! (see pics below)

Big thanks to Karen for inviting me and for everyone who attended – they were massively up for it – even decked out in full 90’s rave gear – Big up the raving crew:)

Musically it was quite different to what I usually play, the brief was proper hands in the air anthems old & new, crowd pleasers, euphoric pop, handbag house & rave classics. Anyway, here is the link, right click /cntrl click and then ‘save link as’ to save – or just click to play. Enjoy…

1.  “Saturday Night, Sunday Morning” – T-empo
2.  “Music sounds better with you (VOR rework)” – Stardust
3.  “Starlight” – Supermen lovers
4.  “Big Love” – Pete Heller
5.  “Professional Widow (Van Helden remix)” – Tori Amos
6. “Sugar Is Sweeter (Van Helden remix)” – CJ Bolland
7.  “You Are The Universe (remix)” – Brand New Heavies
8.  “Keep On Jumpin” – Lisa Marie Experience
9.  “You Dont Know Me” – Armand Van Helden
10. “Lolas Theme” – Shapeshifters
11. “Shine On” – Degrees of motion
12. “One More Time” – Daft Punk
13. “Set Fire To The Rain (Moonlight matters remix)” – Adele
14. “Somebody I Used To Know (Silinder remix) – Goyte
15. “Crystalised (Rory Phillips remix)” – The XX
16. “Out of my mind (The Swiss dance remix)” – Tyson
17. “Walking away” – The Egg
18. Push The Feeling On (Joachim Guarrard remix)” – Nightcrawlers
19. “Infinity (2008 remix)” – Guru Josh
20. “Take Me Away (Dave Spoon remix)” – True Faith
21. “Last Night A Dj (remix)” – Indeep
22. “World Hold On” – David Guetta
23. “Superstylin’ (Ant Brooks re-edit)” – Groove Armada
24. “Mr Saxobeat (HLM remix)” – Alexandra Stan
25. “No-One (HLM remix)” – Alicia Keys
26. “Funk Phenomena (HLM remix)” – Armand Van Helden
27. “Lights (HLM remix)” – Ellie Goulding
28. “Just The Way You Are (remix)” – Bruno Mars
30. “E.T (HLM remix)” – Katy Perry
31. “On The Floor” – J.Lo
32. “Drowning” – Tiesto
33. “Innocence (Feed me remix)” – Nero
34. “Someone Like You (Panic city remix)” – Adele
35. “Back For You One Day” – Calvin Harris
36. “Lets Go (remix)” – Ne-yo
37. “Party Rock Anthem” – Party Rockers
38. “Changed The Way” – Example
39. “Kickstarts” – Example
40. “Titanium” – David Guetta
41. “Clocks (Deep Dish remix)” – Coldplay
42. “Brain Damage” – 12th Street
43. “Born Slippy” – Underworld
44. “Mr. Brightside (Thin White Duke remix)” – The Killers
45. “You’ve Got The Love” – Candi Stanton
46. “Sounds of Eden” – Shades of Rhythm
47. “Fix You” – Coldplay
48. “Wonderwall” – Oasis



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